Unisa notes the increase in Eskom's loadshedding

South Africans have been largely inconvenienced by the increased instances of loadshedding by Eskom over the past few weeks. While we have advised students to charge their devices and plan for the online examinations against their loadshedding schedules, we have noted that some students are still negatively affected by poor network connectivity and are unable to complete their examinations.

In such cases, we advise students to apply for aegrotat examinations. Students who have applied for aegrotats will be given an opportunity to write their affected module(s) during the January/February 2022 examination sitting. The process to apply for an aegrotat examination is as follows:

  1. Login to myUnisa and go to MyAdmin.
  2. Select the examination timetable on Assessment Admin.
  3. Click on Display to view your Oct/Nov timetable.
  4. Click on "Apply for AegrotatExamination" and enter the details required. You are required to attach supporting documentation; an affidavit may suffice.

Students have 10 days from the date of the examination to apply for an aegrotat.

Please note if you have started a MCQ examination and experience loadshedding during your MCQ assessment, you may apply for an aegrotat by sending your application to All other students are advised to follow the above-mentioned process.

Click here for the contact list for the university should you have any exam-related enquiries.


Publish date: 2021/11/09