Unisa management and student leaders reach agreement

The executive management of the university met with the National Student Representative Council and representatives of Regional SRCs from all provinces on Friday, 2 August, Monday, 5 August and Tuesday, 6 August 2019. The purpose of the meetings was to identify and resolve issues that affect teaching and learning. The following was agreed upon:

1.     Extension of examination period for the 2nd semester of 2019

The date of commencement of examinations will be 21 October 2019. As per practice, the release of examination results will commence 15 November 2019 with the final results published on 20 December 2019. 

2.     Registration and payment dates

The closing date for registration for the 2nd semester of 2019 will be 16 August 2019. The final date of payment will be 30 August 2019. Upon registration, students who have not completed their registration by paying the prescribed fees, will have access to the study material online to enable them to prepare their assignments.

3.     Free supplementary examinations    

Students who registered after 8 February 2019 and who wrote their examinations in May/June 2019 and failed, will qualify for automatic supplementary examinations in October/November 2019. The supplementary opportunity will be free of charge to these students.

4.     Assignment due date

The final date of submission of THE FIRST COMPULSORY assignments will be 6 September 2019. This excludes signature or online modules. 

5.     Distribution of examination scripts to students

The request by students to access their scripts at no cost will be referred to Council for approval. The university will put in place a dedicated mechanism to facilitate such access once council approval has been granted. 

6.     Report in respect of the May/June 2019 examination

The report of the May/June 2019 examinations will be submitted to Senate; and thereafter made available to the SRC.

7.     Disciplinary charges against the SRC President

The matter of the disciplinary charges against the President of SRC has been referred to the  Department: Legal Services.

8.     Court interdicts in respect of protests

The purpose of obtaining interdicts is to protect life and property and is only used as a measure of last resort. It is not the policy of the university to inhibit freedom of speech, assembly and demonstration. To the extent necessary, the university may be forced to obtain an interdict where life or property is threatened.

9.     Status Report on laptops

Of the 8256 qualifying students, 7603 have already received their laptops, 383 have not collected and 270 have not signed the NSFAS Bursary Forms.   

10.  The students’ march to Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology offices

The university cannot prevent the envisaged march to the Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology to deliver a memorandum of grievances. The university insists though that the march be conducted within the framework of the law.

11.  Acknowledgements of Debt (AODs)

The SRC and the university will engage on the issue of the conditions of AODs and ensure the efficient and effective management of AODs.  

12.  Status Report on the maintenance of buildings

The university will embark on urgent interventions to address the immediate-, medium- and long-term infrastructure challenges; in accordance with the existing plans and, where necessary, revise the plans to address the most pressing infrastructure needs.  

Publish date: 2019/08/09