Unisa is concerned about reported incidents of a fraudulent scam offering to alter students' academic records

It has come to our attention that some students have been approached by individuals offering fraudulent services to alter academic records, particularly, offering to change students’ disciplinary status in order to release student’s marks. These solicitations are part of a scam operation aimed at exploiting students and compromising the integrity of Unisa’s qualifications.

We strongly condemn these illicit activities and are taking immediate steps to investigate the matter thoroughly. We are also working closely with law enforcement agencies to identify those responsible. Unisa reminds students of its zero tolerance for any form of fraudulent or dishonest activity. Students who have been found to have acquired such services will be immediately expelled from the university.

We urge all students to exercise extreme caution and to report any such solicitations immediately to the Ethics Hotline on 0800 075 278 or via e-mail at

Providing personal information to unauthorised individuals not only jeopardises your academic standing, but could also lead to severe legal consequences.

Publish date: 2023/10/30