Together we fundraise for student fees at Unisa

The University of South Africa in partnership with Feenix, the online crowdfunding platform, is launching a campaign to help Unisa students to fundraise for their own studies. The campaign aims to bring together alumni, donors, staff members and communities to help raise funds for students they wish to support.

Unisa students are invited to register on the Feenix platform. There are already Unisa students who are registered on the Feenix platform and are in need of student fee support. The students are fundraising for current and possibly historical debt with Unisa.

To date, over R500 000 has been disbursed to Unisa through Feenix. Feenix is a safe and convenient way of supporting students as Unisa will receive the financial donations made directly to the university’s account.

The campaign will take place throughout the year and will be available in the various Unisa and Feenix media platforms.

If you are a student who would like to register to raise funds for your fees, visit this webpage:

If you would like to donate funds to students who need assistance with their study fees, visit this webpage:

For enquiries:

All funds are administered by the Unisa Foundation.



Publish date: 2022/06/13