Simple steps and guidelines about the 2021 online SRC nominations

The UNISA SRC nominations process will be conducted on the e-nominations platform. The site will open for nominations at 08h30 on Wednesday, 3 February 2021 and close at 16h00 on Friday, 5 February 2021. The service provider appointed to conduct the e-nominations is the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA).

  • The e-nominations site for the UNISA 2021 SRC election is:
  • The support desk for system related queries and assistance only is:
  • Queries relating to registration will be escalated to the UNISA IEC by EISA.
  • To log onto the e-nominations system, students will require their student number and identity, or passport number registered with the university.
  • A One-Time-Password (OTP) will be generated by the e-voting system and sent to the student’s email address and cellphone number registered with the University. 



EISA will display a copy of the rules and procedures on the online voting site as well as distribute it to students upon the site being opened for voting.  Before casting your nomination, please read the rules and procedures carefully. These include the following:

  • Only students who were registered for the 2020 academic year can nominate.
  • There is one (1) nomination form per student per region. For a structure to qualify onto the ballot paper it should receive not less than 100 nominations.
  • There is a “Nominations Stats” link on the e-nominations landing page displaying the live number of nominations received per structure and per region.
  • You may only nominate one (1) structure of your choice on the nomination form.
  • Nominate by making a cross (X) in the box on the right-hand side of the structure of your choice.
  • Nominations must be successfully submitted on the online platform to EISA by the closing date and time of 16h00 on Friday, 5 February 2021 to be considered.


Step 1: Go to to nominate.
Step 2: Enter your student number and ID number (or passport number for foreign nationals)
Step 3:

Enter the one-time password (OTP) you received via SMS and/or email – if you did not receive an OTP via SMS and/or email, click the “Resend OTP” button. This OTP is randomly generated and secure.

Remember that your OTP is only valid for one nomination, so do not share it with anyone.

Please check your spam/junk mail folder if you have not received the OTP via email.

Step 4 Click on the “Login” tab.
Step 5: Once on the nomination screen, make your selection by clicking in the box next to the structure of your choice. If you select more than one (1) structure, the system will display an error message and will not allow you to proceed to the next step.
Step 6:  After making your structure selection, click on the tab “Confirm”.
Step 7:

Your selected structure will be displayed.  If you made a mistake while completing the nomination process, you can click “Change Selection” and restart the process.

You may abstain from nominating by not selecting any structures and simply clicking the “Confirm” button.

Step 8:

Click “Confirm” to complete the nomination process.  Once you confirm your final selection, you cannot change your selection.

Please note that you can only nominate once. The system will reject any subsequent attempts after you complete your first nomination. No duplicate nominations will be allowed. The system will display the following message in the event of duplicate nominations: “You have already submitted a nomination”

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have not completed the process due to reasons such as system or internet failure, then you may try again until you succeed.

The process is only complete when you successfully receive an online message thanking you for your nomination.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have updated their contact details to participate in the Election by e-voting. Neither the University nor EISA will be held responsible for a student being unable to participate in the election through the e-voting site due to failure on the part of the student to update his/her details.

Thus, if your cell phone number is incorrect or has changed, the onus is on the student to inform Student Admin accordingly. Those students will thus not be able to nominate via their cell phone. However, you can nominate using another device.

Please consult the emails from UNISA SRC 2021 Election Communication regularly for updates on the SRC election.

Should you require any assistance regarding the e-voting process kindly contact the EISA Chief Electoral Officer, Ms Crystal Africa, on the toll-free number (from landline numbers only) 0800 11 43 73 or WhatsApp +27 78 612 1064 during office hours 08h30 – 16h30, Monday to Friday.


Publish date: 2021/02/03