SRC Elections 2023 IEC Communication to Student Structures

In April 2023, the IEC launched the 2023 SRC election season. Subsequent to that, the IEC conducted voter education with students at various regions, except for the Gauteng Region, which is scheduled for 25 and 26 May 2023.

100 handwritten signature registration requirement

In responding to concerns raised during voter education sessions regarding a handwritten list of 100 students, the IEC has found it justifiable to allow student structures/organisations to make use of the nomination form for their constituencies to obtain the required 100 signatures. Student structures/organisations can

  • download and e-mail the MS Word format form to their constituencies to complete by typing their names and student numbers and affixing their signatures.
  • print the form and ask their constituency to complete and sign the form by hand.

A consolidated registration package with a minimum 100 signatures threshold must be e-mailed to and by 31 May 2023.

It remains the responsibility of student structures/organisations to ensure that a student only supports and signs for one organisation.

I trust this option will assist student structures/organisations to reach out to as many students as possible and to gather the required support and signatures with ease to qualify to participate in the 2023 Unisa SRC election.

Issued by Unisa IEC for the 2023 SRC election.

Publish date: 2023/05/23