Registration and payment extension

The closing date of registration for the 2022 first semester modules has been extended from 31 January to 04 February 2022. The final payment date for the minimum fee has also been extended to 04 February 2022.

Students are kindly reminded to make payment into the university account using the correct details as provided by the university.  This will result in the payment being allocated timeously on the side of the university and the timely finalisation of registration. The payment details can be found on the Unisa website:

If you have made your payment but your registration has not yet been finalised, you may contact the university with your proof of payment at

To date, the university has processed more than 294 000 registrations. However, in most instances, the minimum fee is still outstanding. Once the correct minimum fee has been paid in correctly, the registration will be finalised.

Publish date: 2022/01/25