Procedures for all exams written at Unisa exam venues

Please read Unisa's rules for students and the Student Disciplinary Code carefully:

Please take note of the following important information when writing exams at any Unisa exam venue:

  1. Read the examination instructions at the back of your examination timetable.
  2. Unisa's rules for students clearly states what is required from you as a student when you write an exam. Unisa has a clear policy on what invigilators must communicate before an exam commences.
  3. Examination instructions are displayed outside exam venues for your information and compliance.
  4. No student may enter an exam venue without a Unisa student card and a valid ID document (original South African ID, driver's licence, passport or refugee status document).
  5. No student will be admitted to an exam venue after the exam session has commenced. All students MUST be seated 15 minutes prior to the commencement time.
  6. Items allowed in the exam venue:
    1. The following items must be placed in a sealed see-through bag (student to provide) before entering the exam venue and must be placed on the floor next to your desk: car keys, cellphone (switched off) and purse / wallet.
    2. The following items may be placed on your desk: ruler (no writing on ruler), calculator (if required), eraser (no markings on eraser), pen / pencil, examination timetable, ID document.
  7. Items not permitted in the exam venue: study material, textbooks, notes, pencil cases and smart watches.
  8. Punishable misconduct in terms of the Student Disciplinary Code:
    1. Harassment
    2. Sexual harassment
    3. Plagiarism
    4. Misrepresentation or false information
    5. Damage to property or unauthorised entry
    6. Examination irregularities
    7. Fraud

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