Post examination communique regarding October/November 2022 examinations

Dear Unisa Student

The University of South Africa (Unisa) is in the final stages of successfully concluding its October/November 2022 examinations. Most students are now accustomed to online learning and assessments, with fewer experiencing challenges associated with examination readiness. Improvements have been also noted in the stability of the new learning management system in the second semester. Students who were disadvantaged by the system’s technical challenges were successfully accommodated through additional opportunities. We remain proud of our students’ adaptation to online learning and online examinations.

1. Results codes on students’ academic records

We have noted that students may require additional explanations of the result codes reflecting on their academic records. The below table reflects the description of the result codes and the required actions:

Result code


Result code description



A student "passes" a module when they have received a final mark of 50% and above.


Pass with distinction

A student "passes with distinction" when they obtain a final mark of 75% and above.



A student "fails" a module when they have received a final mark of less than 50% and below.

The student is required to re-register for the module.


Absent from examination

A student is deemed to be "absent from examination" when the university did not receive the student’s submission within the allowable submission period.

If an undergraduate student is absent from their second examination opportunity, they are required to re-register. Postgraduate students are expected to re-register for each module.



The student attains a "supplementary examination" outcome, if:

  • Undergraduate students who failed or were absent from their first examination opportunity (see section 4 below).
  • Postgraduate student who received a final mark of between 40% and 49%.


Students should refer to their examination timetable for the next scheduling of the module examination (refer to section 2 below).


Results outstanding

A student receives a "results outstanding" outcome when the student’s submission is received, but the marking of the submission is still in progress and the final mark is outstanding.


A student may start following up on their outstanding result from 9 January 2023 by sending an e-mail of enquiry to


Not admitted to an examination

A student receives a "not admitted to examination" outcome if the student did not meet the examination admission criteria relevant to the module.

A student is required to re-register for the module.



A student receives an "absent-supplementary" outcome when the student failed to utilise the required proctoring tool during their first examination opportunity. 


Students who fail to utilise the proctoring tool in their second examination opportunity are required to re-register.


Script rejected

A student receives a script rejected outcome if a student did not use the required proctoring tool or submitted a password-protected or corrupt file.


A student who is eligible for a second opportunity will automatically be deferred to the next examination opportunity of the affected module (refer to section 4 below).


No further opportunities are granted to students after their second opportunity. Such students are requested to re-register for the applicable module(s) (see section 9 below).


Disciplinary pending  

A student receives a disciplinary pending outcome if a student is suspected of academic dishonesty (see section 7 below).

We recommend re-registration of the module while the disciplinary process is still pending.

2. January/February 2023 examinations

For the past two academic years, and due to special circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic, Unisa has scheduled semester module supplementary examinations in the January/February examination period. However, due to the normalisation of the 2022 academic year, and the challenges posed to the semester 1 academic tuition period, the semester module supplementary examinations will revert to the original scheduling of being written in conjunction with the main semester modules’ examinations in May/June 2023. Thus, the January/February examination period will only cater for postgraduate and honours students that are scheduled to write in the January/February examination period, year modules with the original scheduling of the January/February examination period, year module supplementary examinations, and modules converting to different assessment types in the 2023 academic year.  Students whose modules are converting to a different type of assessment are advised to refer to module communication for additional information.

3. 2023 semester 1 FI concessions

Aligned with the decision taken on the semester module supplementary examinations (see point 2 above), Unisa will revert to its normal scheduling of the FI concessions for students who have one or two remaining modules for completion of their qualification. FI identification and qualification rules will apply. Unisa will endeavour to finalise the FI concession assessment process by 13 March 2023.

4. Undergraduate students are granted two examination opportunities

Unisa implemented a new provision in the Assessment Policy, which grants an undergraduate student writing a module's examination in the first examination opportunity, an automatic additional opportunity to rewrite their examination.

Paragraph 6.6 of the Assessment Policy refers:

A student registered for an undergraduate module is entitled to use two consecutive opportunities per module to take the examination. Except if College rules provide otherwise, a student may write the examination during either the first or the second examination opportunity.

A student who takes an examination for the first time during the second examination opportunity and fails is not entitled to an additional examination opportunity. Where a special FI concession was granted to an individual student for a specific module, the student will not be granted a supplementary examination after failing the FI assessment.

Based on the above provisions, a student who wrote a module's exam in the first examination opportunity during the October/November 2022 online examinations, and was not successful or was absent from the October/November 2022 examinations, is granted automatic admission to the next module's examination. A student granted the second examination opportunity will pay a prescribed fee. Students are advised to refer to the Unisa student rules in this regard.

Please note: Modules with portfolio (evidence-based) assessment, continuous assessment, practical assessment or experiential assessment, and those modules which require research reports, do not have a second examination opportunity.

For the above reasons, the aegrotat system will not apply for undergraduate students. In accordance with policy, Unisa does not grant third examination opportunities to students to rewrite their missed examinations. In such cases, students are required to re-register for the module.

5. Aegrotat applications

Aegrotat applications will only be permitted for postgraduate students who missed their first examination opportunity to write their online examinations. Students who were adversely affected by loadshedding and/or network challenges during their examinations or who experienced the death of loved ones or illness during the examinations are requested to apply for an aegrotat within 10 days of their scheduled examination sitting. Aegrotat applications are not considered after the release of marks. No aegrotat applications will be processed for postgraduate students who missed their second opportunity. Students are advised to visit the Aegrotat and Special Exams web page for the application process.

Please note: Modules with portfolio (evidence-based) assessment, continuous assessment, practical assessment or experiential assessment, and those modules which require research reports, are not granted an aegrotat opportunity.

Students are advised to send all examination-related enquiries to

6. Non-use of the proctoring (invigilation) tools

Unisa utilises three proctoring tools for its examinations. Students were forewarned that non-use of the proctoring tools would result in their marks being withheld. Such students would have received an "exam script rejected" outcome as their examination result. A student writing a module's exam in the first examination opportunity, who did not use any of the required proctoring tools, will be granted another examination opportunity in the next module examination. A student writing a module's exam in the second examination opportunity, who did not use any of the required proctoring tools, will have to re-register for their affected module. Further transgressions in this regard will result in formal disciplinary proceedings. A student who feels aggrieved by their outcome after non-use of the proctoring tool may appeal the university’s decision by completing the appeal form at and will have their marks released should they be successful. Students have until 31 January 2023 to submit their appeal on the Microsoft form.

CSET and CTA students are requested to refer to their college communication regarding its application of non-use decisions (rules).

7. Academic dishonesty

We continue to maintain our zero-tolerance stance against cheating and plagiarism during online examinations. Students who have been identified as having transgressed the examination rules through proctoring tools or other evidence which suggests student obtained assistance from service providers, collaborated in groups via WhatsApp and Telegram, assisted other students and/or obtained assistance from fellow students in responding to examination questions or through other measures, have been referred to the Student Disciplinary Office. Those students who receive communication from the Disciplinary Office should await further communication from the Disciplinary Office on the type of sanction they have received. Enquiries relating to disciplinary processes may be sent to  

8. Students who submitted their examination answer scripts on the Invigilator App and not the official examination platforms

Students were instructed to submit their examination answer scripts via the official myExams platform. In cases where students experienced challenges with the myExams platform, they were advised to submit their answer scripts using the contingency links. We have noted that some students did not submit their answer scripts via these platforms, but rather via the Invigilator App. The university has resolved to accommodate these students by processing their marks through alternative processes.

9. Corrupted and password protected scripts

Students who submitted irrecoverable corrupted scripts will be granted an additional opportunity to write during the next examination period. This concession will apply to first-time writing students (see section 4 above). No further opportunities are granted to students after their second opportunity. Such students are requested to re-register for the applicable module(s).

Students who submitted password-protected scripts were contacted during the marking period to provide the relevant passwords. Students with unresolved password-protected scripts are requested to re-register for the applicable module(s).

Students may send their e-mails to for irrecoverable corrupted scripts and password protected scripts queries.

10. October/November 2022 mark release

The university has commenced with the staggered release of the October/November 2022 examination results. We anticipate that most marks will be released by 19 December 2022. All mark release enquiries should be addressed to  

Students may apply to purchase a copy of their examination scripts or to have their scripts remarked by 31 January 2023. The remark online application form is available on myUnisa. Log into myUnisa and navigate to the Examination Results tool in the administrative section. Applications for remarks can also be sent to Students may purchase their scripts by sending an e-mail to Your student number must appear in the subject line. Please note that the remarking or the purchasing of a script is not possible where the script is flagged for a disciplinary offence.


Please note: Unisa will only attend to enquiries received from your myLife e-mail address.

We wish all our students a happy festive season and look forward to welcoming them back in the 2023 academic year.

Kind regards
University Registrar 


Publish date: 2022/12/08