Post October/November 2020 examination queries

1. Aegrotats

All students who experienced challenges in completing an October/November 2020 examination were permitted to apply for an aegrotat. Applications for aegrotat exams must be submitted online via myUnisa within 10 days of the date on which the examination should have been written. We received a large number of requests for aegrotat (deferred) examinations that will be written during the January/February 2021 examination period. We are processing these applications and will inform the affected students as soon as possible.

2. Corrupt / inaccessible exam scripts

Some students submitted files that were corrupted/inaccessible. While we endeavoured to access them using various ICT tools, it was not possible to open and mark some of these scripts. In such instances, a mark of 1% was awarded as an indication that the file could not be marked. Students who obtained a mark of 1% due to the submission of a file that could not be accessed will be granted a further assessment opportunity, at no charge, during the January/February 2021 examination period.

3. Students awarded a final mark of 0%

Some students who submitted corrupt/inaccessible scripts were, unfortunately, erroneously awarded a zero mark. We have identified the affected students and they will be granted a further assessment opportunity in January/February 2021. In cases where students were awarded 0% due to suspected misconduct, an independent review was done on the examination scripts and some marks were reinstated. Those marks that remain at 0% will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for further review.

4. FI concessions

To qualify for an FI concession, you must have written and failed the module in the last examination, and the examination must have been the first examination opportunity for that module. Since the university grants the FI concession opportunity based on the requirements met by the student, you are not able to apply to the university to be considered for such an assessment opportunity. Students who qualify for the FI concession will be accommodated during the January/February 2021 examination period.

If your exam-related enquiry falls outside of these categories, please apply for a remark ( or to purchase your examination script (

We wish you the very best for the 2021 academic period.  


Publish date: 2021/01/15