Phased out LLB modules: Final portfolio examination opportunity in semester 2 of 2018

Unisa has decided to grant a final portfolio examination opportunity for LLB modules that have been phased out. This applies to the following modules: CMP2601, CMP3701, FLS1501, FLS1502, MRL4801, CIP2601, CIP3701, EVI3701, EVI3702, SCL1502, HMLLB80, LCP4802, LCP4803, LCP4806, LCP4808, LCR4801, LJU4803 and LML4808.

Only students who wrote the portfolio examination in January / February 2018 in the above modules and failed will be given this final portfolio examination opportunity.


This final portfolio examination opportunity is subject to the following conditions:

  1. All information and communication that pertains to this final portfolio examination opportunity will be sent via the myLife e-mail accounts to the affected students. In terms of the university's rules for students, Unisa provides all registered students with a free myLife e-mail address. It remains the students’ responsibility to activate their myLife e-mail account.
  2. Instructions for completion and submission of portfolios will be sent to affected students via their myLife e-mail accounts.
  3. Affected students must submit all portfolio(s) via myUnisa, between 20 September and 1 October 2018. No portfolio(s) submitted via e-mail will be accepted.
  4. Standard Unisa assessment procedures will apply.

For any enquiries, please send an e-mail to

We trust that you will make use of this final portfolio examination opportunity to complete one or more of your outstanding modules.

Kind regards
College of Law

Publish date: 2018-09-04 00:00:00.0