May/June 2023 examination rule clarification

We have received students’ concerns regarding the prohibition of listening to music during the online assessment. We understand that some students may be writing in public spaces where music or other unrelated sound disturbances are playing in the background.

We would like to assure our students that all proctoring or invigilation recordings are reviewed to ensure students were not attempting to avert the proctoring or invigilation tool or engage in any prohibited activities during their assessment. If we find that you were indeed in a public space where music is been played, we will take that into consideration while evaluating your online invigilated assessment. Students must also note that muting their phone or computer microphones is a transgression of Unisa’s rules and should be avoided.

Furthermore, students who minimise or exit the invigilator app during their online assessment will be deemed to be out of the App. Students who have been identified as out of app for a total than 10 minutes will have their marks withheld. Students who have also early prompt “finish assessment” on the App while the continue to write thereafter will be deemed to have transgressed Unisa’s rules.

We would like to remind students that any attempt to cheat or engage in any misconduct during the assessment has serious consequences, and we expect all students to adhere to the Unisa rules and regulations.

Publish date: 2023/05/15