Know your proctoring tools for the examination

Unisa will be using Moodle Proctoring for MCQ_Quiz activity examinations, the Invigilator App for file upload examinations and the IRIS proctoring tool for the examinations administered in the College of Engineering Sciences (CSET).

In getting ready for the examination, you are required to identify the proctoring tool(s) relevant to your modules by clicking on May/June 2022 Invigilated and Proctored Modules


What is proctoring tool?

It is an online invigilator tool that requires a laptop/desktop/smartphone with a functional camera. This tool verifies the student’s identity and monitors the student during examination accessing student’s camera.

Why proctoring tools?

  • Easy verification of the student’s identity taking the examination
  • Mitigates against third party suppliers taking examinations on behalf of students
  • Ensures the examination rules and regulations are adhered to
  • Assures the integrity of the examination taken
  • Protect your qualifications for future employment

What do I need to comply with the requirements?

  • Laptop/desktop/smartphone with a working camera.
  • Reliable internet network connectivity for the usage of IRIS and Moodle Proctoring.
  • IRIS proctoring tool strictly requires a device with a web camera.  
  • Upload your head and shoulders profile picture on the myExams platform before the exam.

NB: It is compulsory for all students to use a proctoring tool during their examination. Non-usage of proctoring tools will result in the students’ results being withheld, and the identified students requested to reregister for their modules.

Students living with disabilities or incarcerated students are exempted from proctoring. 

Publish date: 2022/05/10