Know when your marks might be withheld!

Unisa will withhold student final marks in the following instances:

  1. Non-usage of prescribed proctoring tools during examinations will result in students marks being withheld. Students should determine which tool applies for their respective module examination Course: STU-200: Basic Skills for Online Exams, Section: What proctoring tool will my module use? ( and prepare their devices by participating in a mock examination Course: ADOVH001: Mock Exams ( prior to their examination sitting.
  2. Failing to upload invigilation or proctoring results within the prescribed period also results in students’ marks being withheld. Students must upload Invigilator proctoring results within 48 hours of their examination session. Students will receive Invigilator App notifications to remind them to upload Invigilator proctoring. Students are advised to apply notification settings on their Invigilator App to enable receipt of such reminders. For IRIS proctoring tool, the proctoring results are confirmed via email notification within 24 hours. Students may force upload their IRIS proctoring results within the 24 hours. Students who have used the proctoring tools but failed to upload their proctoring results will have their marks withheld.
  3. Exiting or minimising the Invigilator App for a total of 10 minutes during examination session also contributes to students’ final marks withheld. Students must be on flight mode during their course of their invigilation. Activities on the phone, such as answering phone calls, engagements on whatsapp or messaging applications, internet browsing or been on social media, etc., during the examination session will result in students been flagged for been Out of App” and will have their marks withheld.
  4. Providing proctoring or invigilation images that are unrecognizable, obscured, faint or not containing a full facial image during examination sessions will result in students mark withheld.
  5. Failing to provide typed responses for Turnitin elected modules, i.e. submitting scanned handwritten scripts or scanned typed scripts, will result in students been awarded 0% for the examination.
  6. Listening to audio (music) and utilising audio-to-text software, unless the use of such software is related to a student’s assistive device which has been declared, during examination sessions will results in the withholding of students’ marks.

Students who have been identified for disciplinary for academic misconduct during their examinations will have their marks withheld.

Publish date: 2024/01/10