Key dates for the finalisation of the 2023 academic year

Dear Unisa Student  

As the end of the 2023 academic year draws closer, please take note of the following important dates relating to the admission processes.  

These dates reflect key examination admission activities for all modules that have official examinations. Students who are registered for modules with different modes of assessment (eg continuous assessment, portfolios, projects, practicals) are advised to visit their module sites (myModules) for their module assessment plans and due dates. 

Key activity

Due date


Publication of the October/November 2023 provisional timetable 


6 September 2023

Students may view the provisional October/November 2023 examination timetable on the Examination timetable tool ( for planning purposes.

S2 final date for 1st compulsory assignments for examination admission (ALL in timetable modules)

13 September 2023

Students are advised to determine their module examination admission criteria as stipulated on their module sites (myModules). Unisa has three admission rules: 

a) Submission of any one assignment; or

b) Submission of a minimum number of assignments; or

c) Achieving a minimum formative mark. 

Students who have not met their module examination admission criteria, in accordance with the module assessment plan, will not be admitted to the module's examinations.

Admission to examinations (YR/SLP/S2)


15 September 2023


Admission letters will be sent to students indicating the dates and times of the module examination sitting.  

Students registered for continuous assessments, portfolios, practicals, and so on, must note the “module arrangements” on their admission letters. Such students must refer to their module site(s) (myModules) for the due dates of the assessments.

Publish date: 2023/08/29