Important message regarding the Invigilator App

Unisa has noted with concern the mobilisation of students against the Invigilator app. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated Unisa’s online strategy and resultantly examinations are now online. We have been concerned with screenshots of Unisa students asking for responses to their examination questions on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Some students have paid third parties to write on their behalf. Given the number of disciplinary cases identified and suspension of students who have been found guilty of examination misconduct, it became important for Unisa to invigilate online examinations. Online invigilation is to protect your qualifications for future employment. Thus, Unisa views invigilation as non-negotiable.

Please check if your module is invigilated on, download the Invigilator app prior to your examination sitting and watch the training video at It is also important to note that you must upload your answer script on the myExam platform. You may send a WhatsApp to 073 505 8273 for Invigilator App-related enquiries or call  080 000 1870 for myExams related enquiries. Wishing you the best with your examinations.

Publish date: 2021/09/11