Higher Certification Education applicants

The Higher Certificate in Education (HC Edu) is a very popular qualification choice as it is the gateway to entering the Bachelor of Education (BEd) for students who do not meet all the BEd admission requirements. As a result, the HC Edu is significantly oversubscribed. This means that many more applications are received than the number of available spaces for the qualification. What does this mean to you as an applicant? It means that although you have applied, you may not be offered a space. Spaces are offered to students after the ranking process (where academic point score (APS) and socio-economic factors are calculated) and only the top ranked students will receive offers. If you receive an offer, you need to accept it as quickly as possible, as unaccepted offers will be withdrawn within 10 days and the space will then be offered to the next student on the ranking list.

Publish date: 2020/11/03