Have you received e-mails or SMSs offering special services and guaranteeing success at Unisa?

We are aware that there are companies that send e-mails and SMS messages to Unisa students in which they offer various services to students at a fee. Some companies even approach students at Unisa regional offices and offer services such as the following:

  • Deposit your Unisa fees into our account and we'll get you registered and pay your fees to Unisa on your behalf.
  • We have exam and assignment packs available for you to purchase. Sign up now and we'll send you your assignment and exam packs. Pass guaranteed!
  • Sign up now! We'll help you with your assignments.
  • Let us queue for you at Unisa offices, and handle your Unisa admin and payments.

Is this legal?  

Unisa does not currently have any contracts with external service providers for tutorial support, and third-party administrative and financial support. 

These companies are not Unisa service providers, even though some may claim to represent Unisa.

What should I do?

If you receive an e-mail or SMS offering these types of services, please delete them immediately. Do NOT click on any of the links and do not sign up for these services.

If you are approached at a Unisa regional office by any individual or company offering to provide services at a fee, please report them immediately to the regional office.

These individuals and companies provide misleading information and you put yourself at risk if you make use of their services.

Remember, when making payments to Unisa, please use Unisa's banking details and payment options available on Unisa's website:

Publish date: 2018/08/29