Final exam timetables for the October and November 2017 exam period

Unisa processed admissions to the October / November 2017 examination period on 17 September 2017. Final examination timetables for this exam period are now available via the following platforms:

  • Unisa will send a secure PDF version of your exam timetable to your myLife e-mail account. You will need to enter your ID number (RSA students) or passport number (international students) to open this secure PDF.
  • You can access your exam timetable via myUnisa. Login to myUnisa, click on "My Admin" and "Exam Timetable".

Unisa will no longer send printed copies of examination timetables to students' postal addresses.

Please check your exam timetable to confirm if you have been admitted to the exams, and the venue and times for your respective exams. Some exam dates, venues and times may have changed, so it is very important that you check this information carefully. Please note that no changes to examination venues can now be processed.

Please note that you will be required to present your Unisa student card and ID / alternative identification during each examination session. Students without these items will not be permitted to enter the examination venue.

We wish you all the best with your upcoming exams.

Publish date: 2017/09/19