Feedback: Audit of final-year students' qualifications

After the examination results are released, a final-year student's record is audited to verify that the qualification is complete.

We are currently busy with the audit of all final-year students' records and will notify all affected students of the outcome as soon as possible. If you have completed your qualification, but have not received any notification by 28 February 2020, please send an e-mail to Please check your myLife e-mail account for feedback.

Please note:

  • The Autumn graduation ceremonies will commence on 11 March 2020. The qualification status of students who have completed their qualification and who will not be accommodated during the aforementioned series, will receive a statement confirming completion of their qualification and that the qualification will be awarded during the 2020 Spring graduation ceremonies. 
  • If you wrote an FI concession assessment and the result is released too late, a transcript confirming completion of the qualification will be provided. The qualification will be awarded during the subsequent graduation series.
  • The above also applies to students with outstanding: documents; NSFAS contract, study fees or renewal fees for a certificate of conditional exemption certificate, which is required to finalise an audit of the completed qualification.


Publish date: 2020/01/21