Communication in respect of the May / June 2019 examinations

  • Admissions to the May / June 2019 examinations were processed on 17 April 2019 and timetables were sent to students' myLife e-mail accounts. A total of 280 884 students were admitted to the May / June 2019 examination and a total of 999 290 examinations will be written.
  • The examination period will commence on 2 May 2019 and conclude on 20 June 2019.
  • The final date for the release of the May / June 2019 examination results will be 27 July 2019.
  • The late release of results will impact on the second semester registration period, which will now continue until 8 August 2019.
  • The special venue-based supplementary examinations for final-year students which was scheduled to take place between 5 and 30 August 2019 will now be replaced by non-venue based assessment, which will be processed during August 2019. More information will follow in respect of the FI non-venue bases process.
  • Those students in their final year who are left with 2 modules and who can complete a qualification will be identified in terms of the current criteria for the granting of FI Concessions. 
  • Those students who were registered after 8 February 2019, and who write the May / June 2019 examination and fail, will be given an automatic supplementary examination in October / November 2019. This opportunity will be free of charge to the said students.
  • Assignments statistics to date received 1 958 913 and marked 1 165 917.

Publish date: 2019/04/29