Beware of fraudulent messages offering Unisa students exam assistance: Unisa has zero tolerance for dishonesty

Unisa has become aware of fraudulent messages circulating on public platforms, promising to assist students with exams or other services. In response, the university is urging students to ignore such messages, as we have a zero tolerance for any form of dishonesty or cheating activity related to exams.

We are assured that most students do not participate in such fraudulent activities. Students who have been identified as having done so, have been found guilty following disciplinary proceedings, and have received a 3-year sanction from further studies at any South African university.

Moreover, the University appeals to students with any information on dishonest or fraudulent activity related to Unisa examinations and certification to report such activity to one of the following reporting channels:

• Hotline South Africa - 0800 075 278

• Hotmail South Africa -

Please only report exam or assignment irregularities or genuine fraud information to the above platform. 

Unisa encourages students and other university stakeholders to communicate directly with the university at 0800001870 or  Get help during the examinations by contacting the Student Communication Service Centre at

Publish date: 2023/05/08