Be aware of companies and individuals falsely advertising Unisa services

It has come to our attention that some companies, individuals and social media pages have been falsely advertising Unisa online information and various services to assist Unisa students. In the process, companies either solicit money fraudulently from students or make money through online advertising with no benefit to students.

These companies or individuals are in no way associated with or related to Unisa.

We request that students only use official Unisa sites and platforms as any other platforms will provide you with incorrect information and/or act illegally which will be harmful to your studies. 

Unisa will always use official communication channels (eg Unisa website, myUnisa, Unisa social media platforms, myLife e-mail) to communicate with students. 

Please use the following Unisa platforms for official Unisa information:

Please report anyone falsely advertising Unisa services or illegal activity to: 

Ethics Hotline

0800 075 278

Publish date: 2023/10/10