99% of May/June 2019 exam results released and extension of semester 2 registration and assignment deadlines

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has released 99% of the first semester examination results. The remaining results are those of students with exceptional circumstances and will be released in the next few days. 

Unisa students who have received all their examination results are encouraged to register and pay for the second semester of 2019 as soon as possible to maximise on the study time. The deadline for second semester registrations has been extended to 16 August 2019. Students who register late and whose assignment due dates have passed are encouraged to submit them as soon as possible, but not later that 6 September 2019.

The Management of the University has also agreed that all students who qualify for supplementary examinations during the October/November 2019 session, will not be required to pay for these examinations.

Students who write examinations during the October/November 2019 examination period will not be academically excluded for the 2020 academic year as a result of poor performance.

Publish date: 2019-08-01 00:00:00.0