College of Graduate Studies

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows are senior postgraduate students, or deemed to be postgraduate students who, having met certain criteria and having been selected, receive a research scholarship from the University of South Africa or an external funder after the completion of their doctoral degree. Some external funds may have to be administered by the University of South Africa on behalf of the funder.

The main duty of a postdoctoral fellow is to conduct and publish research. The following are requirements in terms of the agreement with the postdoctoral fellow:

  • Submission of at least two accredited research outputs per annum with UNISA as the affiliated institution of the postdoctoral fellow
  • Presentation of research at one conference (international or national) per annum, which is funded by the hosting college. The decision of the allocation of funds either to an international or national conference, remains that of the hosting college
  • Presentation of research at a minimum of two seminars/colloquiums per year at UNISA
  • Assisting with or co-supervise postgraduate students, where applicable, with appropriate recognition
  • Assisting in organising postgraduate research workshops and seminars
  • Providing quarterly reports on activities and outputs to the CRIC

Dr Kehinde Omotso

Dr Chibuikem Nnaeme

Dr Newman Tekwa

Dr Clement Chipenda

Dr Scholastica C Ukwoma

Dr Arnold Kanengoni

Prof Fisseha Danno

Dr Tom Tom

Dr Innocent Mahiya

Dr M Ouma

Dr WSS Chambati

Dr WZB Zembe-Mkabile

Dr V Atud

Dr SA Makhanya

Dr Samson Mutsagondo

Dr Scholastica Ukwoma

Last modified: 2023/08/07