Postgraduate Research Training Programme


Welcome to the postgraduate research training workshops. The School of Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Studies (SIRGS) which is in the College of Graduates Studies (CGS) supports you in your research journey of undertaking postgraduate studies. We hope you will enjoy these workshops and find them informative.

The postgraduate research training workshops are interdisciplinary in nature and they should be useful to the whole Unisa postgraduate community. Remember researchers from all fields answer the same questions entailing to their research, namely, why is it important, how and when it is going to be done, and what resources are needed.

These workshops aim to give you a broader understanding of the research process. At the end of the workshops you should be able to talk with greater confidence about research methodologies and the role of theory in research.

You must remember that research is a social activity that forms part of your unstructured learning in your career path. You will face many difficulties in undertaking this social activity. You will be called upon to be committed, resilient, work hard, display maturity, develop patience and understanding and grow a thick skin. Your journey is likely to be smooth and rewarding if you use some of the tips provided in these research training workshops ...


Last modified: 2023/08/31