Postgraduate Research Training Programme

About us

Welcome to the postgraduate (Honours & Post Graduate Diploma, masters’ (M) and doctoral (D) research training workshops. The School of Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Studies (SIRGS) which is in the College of Graduates Studies (CGS), supports you in your research journey of undertaking postgraduate studies. CGS works closely with all the colleges including the library through its intercollege committee to ensure that the research needs for all PG students are met.

The research training workshops are interdisciplinary and accommodate postgraduate students across all colleges at Unisa. They give you a broader understanding of the research process and concepts ensuring that you understand the role of theory, methodologies and ethics among other concepts in research. The research training workshops hosted by SIRGS are not meant to replace discipline-specific workshops in your respective colleges or departments, but they are an adds on and provide a foundation to understand the basic concepts of research.

Remember that research is a social activity that forms part of your unstructured learning in your career path, and it is highly likely that you may face several difficulties in undertaking this social activity. You will be called upon to be committed, resilient, work hard, display maturity, develop patience and understanding and grow a thick skin. Your journey is likely to be smooth and rewarding if you use and apply the learning outcomes from the research training provided in these research training workshops.

MS Teams is a platform of choice to host the research training workshops and PG students should ensure that their mylife and myunisa are activated to access this online platform. We hope you will enjoy these research training interventions which are intended to contribute positively to your academic journey.



Last modified: 2023/08/07