Postgraduate Research Training Programme

Frequently Asked Questions




Who can attend the research training workshops?

Any registered postgraduate student across all colleges and departments.  Any students registered for Honours, Postgraduate  Diploma, Master’s and Doctoral degrees.


What is the scope of postgraduate research training workshops?

The research training workshops are interdisciplinary and accommodate postgraduate students across all colleges at Unisa. They give you a broader understanding of the research process and concepts, ensuring that you understand the role of theory, methodologies and ethics among other concepts in research.


Do I still need to attend the workshops in my college and department?

Yes, we encourage you attend as many workshops as you can.  While CGS workshops are interdisciplinary and generic, your college will offer discipline-specific workshops.


What do I need to attend?

You need to have internet access, an active myLife email account and MS Teams. 


How do I access my myLife account?

Follow the 4 steps to claim your myLife email account:

The information on accessing your myLife account (claiming your myLife account) is also provided on page 15 of the Study @ Unisa brochure. You can also access the brochure online via the link below.


How much does one have to pay?

There is no cost attached to the workshops. They are free.


Where are the research workshops hosted?

The workshops are hosted online on MS Teams.


Who are the presenters and facilitators of the workshops?

Academic staff members across colleges facilitate workshops on different topics and themes.


Where can I find the date and links to join the workshop?

The monthly schedule is updated regularly and published on the CGS website: 


What happens if I missed a research workshop?

The workshops are recorded and edited and may be accessed on the CGS YouTube channel: 



Last modified: 2023/08/31