BLOG: Garden stories and metaphors


What you need to know about Research Ethics

Unlike birds we learn from painful experiences to treat each other in respectful ways. We then must write a set of rules to ensure that we conduct research ethically.Read more

A letter to my students: How to problematise, theorise and write up your literature review chapter

Sometimes when we are manuevaring through the deep, thick and thin of things of our work-life challenges, it is easy to miss the big picture of the human suffering visited by Covid-19.Read more

Some challenges in data collection and how to overcome them in times of pandemic

Students often discover challenges when seeking to gather data, for example, having participants who are not really keen to participate, where to locate possible participants, how to persuade them to participate, and then making them comfortable to talk in an interview or complete surveys. Read more

A letter to our research students: making sense of sampling issues in the times of Covid-19

I write to reach out to you at home, at work, in front of your screens as you think about all the research mountains to climb in order to complete your research project this year.Read more

Epistemological Issues in research in simple terms

This weekend while I was working on our patio herb garden in Midrand I discovered that all the fennel herbs were infested with pests and some leaves were turning yellow.Read more

Ontological Issues in research in simple terms

In my earlier post I mentioned that a thesis statement can only be written after a lengthy thinking process. Before we discuss ontological issues in research I would like to expand on why thinking is a critical aspect of research. Read more

Original Contribution to Knowledge: What exactly does this mean?

The fundamental aim of scholarly research is to contribute to existing knowledge in ways that bring solutions to business problems.Read more

Garden stories and metaphors to support masters and doctoral students start and finish their research projects

The purpose of the Blog is not to replace the role of your supervisors in the supervision of your masters and doctoral (M&D) research projects.Read more

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