SBL payment methods and financial policies.

SBL 2nd Research Symposium in October

The SBL's 2nd Research Symposium will take place on 17 & 18 October 2020.  The theme of the symposium is: "Business and Economic Growth through Reponsible Leadership and Innovation:  Unpacking the African Context"

Entry exams for MBA and MBL compulsory

SBL management has decided that students applying for the MBA and MBL programmes must pass the NMAT (by GMAC™) entry exam as one of the  admission requirements for the two programmes. 

The NMAT is an exciting newly developed exam that focusses specifically on the African continent.  The test offers the potential student an opportunity to measure his or her preparedness for the SBL’s master’s programmes. The exam will provide SBL with an additional tool to select students for these two highly sought after programmes.  It also provides the student with a foundation to build on and eventually succeed in attaining these degrees.