SBL Advisory Board Chairperson delivered a lecture on Leadership in Action


Ms Mapule Mzimba, Chairperson of the SBL Advisory Board

Ms Mapule Mzimba, Chairperson of the SBL Advisory Board, delivered an inspiring lecture on leadership in action to the SBL community wherein she eloquently captured the essence of resilience, adaptive leadership, and the transformative power of education. Her knowledge, eloquence and passion for the subject captivated the audience as she highlighted the vital role of UNISA and its School of Business Leadership in shaping future leaders and innovators, particularly in the context of Africa’s unique challenges and opportunities. Symbolising this School’s profound and continued impact on the continent.

Ms Mzimba weaved together personal experiences, the achievements of the School during her chairship tenure, in the context of the broader socio-economic challenges faced by South Africa in her address, which underscored the critical importance of adaptive leadership in in times of uncertainty. Mzimba argued for the necessity for leaders to choose action rather than despair, to be agile, and forward-thinking, particularly in the face of unprecedented challenges – highlighting the pivotal role of strategic action in galvanizing and driving organisational success, emphasizing the need for proactive decision-making and the ability to navigate complexity with resilience.

She demonstrated that albeit our country and continent are at a crucial juncture, against a complex, volatile, and uncertain economic and geopolitical backdrop, South Africa can evolve once again to a symbol of unity, diversity, cohesion, and excellence. Mzimba demonstrated that we have the talent, determination, purpose, resilience and discipline - and when we apply it, together, we can be top of the world.

Mzimba emphasized the importance of the ability to withstand immediate shock, highlighting the necessity for steadfastness and fortitude in the face of adversity. Secondly, she expounded upon the capacity to adapt effectively, underscoring the significance of flexibility, innovation, and learning in fostering resilience. She challenged the audience to re-imagine a new reality where our nation is a frontier in the technological and digital revolution, a global leader in democratizing education, a nation where its people feel safe and protected and are fearless to ideate, and a nation that is a true partner in tackling global challenges.

She encouraged collaboration across different sectors and disciplines, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. She re-iterated that our ability to be successful in these challenging times, pivots on our ability to harness the power of connectedness and collaboration to bring about not only exponential, but inspirational impact in the communities we serve.  

Mzimba’s address seemingly ignited a fervent commitment to contribute to the legacy of UNISA and the broader community, and served as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of leadership.

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Publish date: 2024/04/16

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