Why Corporate Social Responsibilty is important

The increasing tendency towards CSR is driven by a few significant factors. It is clear from daily media reports that environmental, social and ethical issues are receiving increasing public attention. Read more

Addressing contemporary and future PM professional needs

After realising that most entities in the public and private sectors struggle to manage their projects and get effective results, Professor Pantaleo Rwelamila developed a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management for the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership. The programme was among those that were accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority in 2019.Read more

Unisa SBL military programme a ‘restoration of hope’

The Graduate School of Business Leadership is holding a four-day security cluster seminar that is bringing together veterans and officers to situate their research within broader transformation plans resolving socio-economic issues in South Africa.Read more

Taking control of the wheat breeding industry

Deregulation of the wheat industry has led to the creation of a private monopoly benefiting from public sector knowledge.Read more

Can I trust my Android?

Computers could be taught to behave as expected, using mathematical techniques.Read more

UNISA SBL’s Prof Renier Steyn, co-hosts research capacity seminar

“This project is aimed at managing the psychological impact of communicable diseases on mental health,” said Steyn. “The assumption is that the COVID-19 pandemic is not an isolated case, and that strategies can be developed to manage current and future epidemic outbreaks.Read more

Igniting tourism recovery: The role of women leaders in tourism

Women leaders have the ability to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in tourism. This has been widely recognized in global reports, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN, 2015), the Global Report on Women in Tourism (UNWTO, 2019) and the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap (WEF, 2019).Read more

Leading against a mudslide in post-COVID matters

Strong leadership is needed in a time of crisis.Read more

New dynamics will play critical role in organisational recovery

Letsai Mashishi from Unisa's Graduate School of Business Leadership says in an interview with the Financial Mail that Covid-19 will create profound change in the way business is conducted in the future and business schools need to anticipate this.Read more