Igniting tourism recovery: The role of women leaders in tourism

Women leaders have the ability to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in tourism. This has been widely recognized in global reports, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN, 2015), the Global Report on Women in Tourism (UNWTO, 2019) and the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap (WEF, 2019).Read more

Leading against a mudslide in post-COVID matters

Strong leadership is needed in a time of crisis.Read more

New dynamics will play critical role in organisational recovery

Letsai Mashishi from Unisa's Graduate School of Business Leadership says in an interview with the Financial Mail that Covid-19 will create profound change in the way business is conducted in the future and business schools need to anticipate this.Read more

Face protection masks could inject at least 1.5 BILLION USD annually into the African economy

With the FPM industry expected to more than double over the next 10 years, Unisa SBL Prof Douglas Boateng has urged the continent's businesses to embrace the opportunities that have emerged and lead the way in production and supply in the region.Read more

Shaping the future of building

Strong and sustainable construction industries within developing countries should embrace technological opportunities in order to transform, says Unisa’s Prof Pantaleo Daniel Rwelamila, co-editor of a forthcoming book from international publishers Taylor & Francis.Read more

Leadership in the times of Covid-19

In the last thirty years, the business education sector in South Africa has had to transform in line with post-apartheid policies, while simultaneously contending with globalisation, commodification, massification and decolonisation processes.Read more

Embrace your uniqueness in a diverse continent

“Researchers should respect their uniqueness and investigate the nature of their uniqueness, as it will give them so much satisfaction. For me, it gives me pride to be part of such a diverse country and continent,” says Unisa SBL Professor Anton Grobler, newly rated by the National Research Foundation (NRF) as a C3 researcher.Read more

It's time to adapt

Douglas Boateng, Professor Extraordinaire for supply and value chain management in Africa at the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership, says our attitude and behaviour must change for us to coexist with the coronavirus. We must protect one another by respecting social distancing guidelines, wearing face masks, and adjusting to our constantly evolving new reality.Read more

SA unknowingly welcomed the coronavirus much earlier than we think

Douglas Boateng, Professor Extraordinaire for supply and value chain management in Africa at the Unisa SBL, says that since the coronavirus spread supposedly started during the late fourth quarter of 2019, it is highly possible that there is a relatively high number of asymptomatic carriers already in our society.Read more