Land reform report big on historical context, sketchy on the future

When the advisory panel on land reform and agriculture released its final report in late July, six key opportunities were highlighted to address a more equitable distribution of South Africa’s land. The report cautions that the land reform process in the context of South Africa is complicated, and in reference to the most controversial aspect of land reform, namely expropriation without compensation (EWC), states that it cannot alone be fixed through one constitutional amendment (section (25)). Read more

Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership to host Open Days in August

The Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) hosted its Open Day for prospective students yesterday at the Unisa SBL campus, corner Janadel and Alexandra Avenues, Midrand. This will be followed by Open Days at Unisa venues across the country. Read more

Alumni Focus Denver Clive Fortuin

The Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) is proud to have a host of alumni who are leaders, achievers and innovators in their fields, intent on making a difference in both the public and private sectors. This month we focus on Denver Fortuin, who completed his Master in Business Leadership (MBL) at the SBL. Read more

Beyond AGOA: the critical impact on South Africa’s wine exports and the wine tourism sector

The growing protectionist stance of the current US administration has potentially negative implications for trade welfare in many African countries including South Africa. The potential loss to South Africa of trade benefits under the current African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) of 2000, which will expire in 2025, would be devastating for many sectors that have benefited under the Act, with profound social impacts. Read more

MBA, MBL and DBL graduates celebrated at Unisa SBL awards dinner

The SBL celebrated ‘Inspirational leaders who go beyond’ as the institution acknowledged another remarkable group of Master of Business Leadership (MBL), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL) graduates in Midrand at its annual Graduation Awards Dinner. With a sumptuous meal, engaging speakers and entertainment from Tshidi Moholo of Malaika fame – the evening at Villa Tuscana was a great success and fitting recognition for years of dedication to academic advancement as students juggle the demands of work, study and familyRead more

The rising of the new economy: are we ready?

The rising of the new economy: are we ready? The one sure thing in the world’s economies today is that problems are getting broader, deeper, more significant and will become more prevalent. The question is, are we equipped to navigate the new ‘problem driven’ paradigm? This was asked by entrepreneur and co-founder of the Aurik Business Accelerator, Pavlo Phitidis, speaking at the SBL Alumni AGM earlier this month. Read more

UNISA SBL endorses Supply Chain Compendium

29 May 2019, Accra: UNISA’s Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) Africa’ largest postgraduate leadership development school recently endorsed The Executive Insights Series Compendium of Supply Chain Management Terms – a world-first all-inclusive reference guide focused on various aspects of supply chain management.Read more

Recognising the relevance of business schools in today’s disruption

The current business education discourse is fixated on questions around the value of the MBA and its true benefit to the world of businessRead more

SBL appoints Prof Tumo Kele

Tumo Kele is the Associate Professor – Management Services at the University of South Africa’s Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL). Before joining SBL, Prof. Kele was the Director – Centre for Business Analysis and Research at the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) where he was tasked with management and fund raising for corporate research projects.Read more

Supply chain vulnerability: developments, trends and impacts

Supply chain design has assumed significant importance recently because of vulnerability of supply chains. In particular, complex supply chains are susceptible and hence vulnerable to various disruptions. Although some disruptions occur infrequently, it is imperative that their profile be examined.Read more