Introduction to the Alumni Association

Engage; Connect; Unite!

This relationship is for life

Your relationship with the Unisa School of Business Leadership does not end when you complete your postgraduate diploma, MBL, MBA or DBL. Like all good relationships, it continues long after the initial objective has been achieved, using the building blocks of mutual respect, shared values and the commitment to give back as much as one takes. The SBL Alumni Association is the ideal vehicle for nurturing a strong, reciprocal relationship between the SBL and its alumni, enabling all of us, wherever we are, to Engage, Connect and Unite


An engaged alumni community is a vibrant community that actively reaches out, participates fully, and welcomes and shares new ideas and fresh thinking. There are a number of ways you can engage with the alumni community and the SBL:

Become a member of the Alumni Association or, better yet, serve on the Alumni Association as an elected member of the Executive Committee.

  • Have your say on the Alumni Association’s social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and website.
  • Attend alumni events, including public lectures, awards ceremonies and Alumni Association meetings.
  • Volunteer for Alumni Association or SBL community engagement projects.
  • Make your voice heard when the time comes to select the recipients of the annual SBL Leadership in Practice Award.


Where there are experts there will be no lack of learners. - Swahili proverb

Being an SBL alumnus gives you access to an encyclopaedia of knowledge by reaching out to other alumni and building networks. Share experiences, gain different perspectives on common problems and seek solutions which can benefit the continent.

  • Lifetime access to the SBL library is available to alumni in good standing, along with online resources such as e-magazines, budget reviews and legislation and corporate reports.
  • Receive the regular newsletter to see what fellow alumni are getting up to and the heights they are reaching.
  • Get social; connecting up with your fellow alumni does not have to be all about business


Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it. - Akan proverb

Learning expands great souls. - Namibian proverb

As alumni let us stand together in advancing the goal of the SBL to be the leading African business school of choice, offering internationally recognised leadership and management education.

  • Be a guest lecturer and share your experience.
  • Join the SBL tutorship programme and become a tutor. The programme is open to SBL graduates in good standing 
  • Attend courses and lectures to continue your path of lifelong learning.
  • Fund bursaries or help raise funds to ensure the SBL can invest in the continent’s human capital.

By expanding and sharing our knowledge, together we can become a continent of great souls and leaders.

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Last modified: 2019/06/07