Programmes & admission

BBBEE Executive Development Programme

Broad-Based Black Economic Executive Development Programme (BBBBEE-EDP)

Duration: 6 Months

Applications: Applications Closed for First Semester (Second Semester Intake in June)


In 2020 the B-BBEE Commission released a report on the National Status and Trends on broad-based economicempowerment (B-BBEE) for the calendar year 2019. Accordingto the report, for real and accelerated broad-based blackeconomic empowerment to be achieved, the mandatorycomponents of the B-BBEE Act must be applied consistently byboth the private and public sectors. In line with the concernsidentified in the report, during the period 2017 - 2019, theprogramme addresses the need for the development of anefficient transformation management tool to meet the changingtrends and industry challenges of the country to increase andstimulate the pace of transformation in the economy.

Last modified: 2022/02/23