Teaching & Learning Conference 2024

Dr Muhammad Mohsin Javed


Dr Muhammad Mohsin Javed 
Quality Enhancement and Registrar at Virtual University of Pakistan and still serving as Dean Faculty of Science and Technology, Virtual University of Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Mohsin Javed had completed his Ph.D in Plant Sciences from GC University, Lahore-Pakistan and Post Doc from UCLA and ISU, USA under Fulbright Scholar Program. He served as Director Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, GC University, Lahore, Director Quality Enhancement and Registrar at Virtual University of Pakistan and still serving as Dean Faculty of Science and Technology, Virtual University of Pakistan. In 2023 ICDE awarded Institutional Excellence award to Virtual University of Pakistan on its economic impact toward community through its unique model of learning. Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan declared Dr Javed as Best Teacher in 2012 and President of Pakistan awarded him Medal of Merit in 2011 on the base of his services as scout. He has the key role in the development of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) policy and regulation under the control of HEC. He also developed Admission Policy, Academic (Semester) Rules, Exam Conduct Rules, Extra and Co-Curricular Rules for Virtual University of Pakistan. Dr Javed has successfully completed Digital Skills Training and Support Program for Southern Balochistan (Phase-I), with 13000 enrollments in 15 different digital Skills in extreme remote area of Pakistan through blended mode. Along with he has more than 50 research publications in his credit. 

Prof. Mohsin Javed will make an in-person keynote address. The title of his address is: Emergence of Minority into Majority: Role of Virtual University of Pakistan in Revolutionizing Distance Education & E-Learning in Pakistan.

A brief synopsis of his presentation is as follows:

The evolution of Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) from a minority presence to a majority influence signifies a huge transformation in the landscape of education in the country. Economic Survey of Pakistan (2021-22) indicates that approximately 1.96 million students are enrolled in 260 universities/HEIs in the country, cater to merely 9 to 10 percent of K-12 students. Notably, the current enrollment at Virtual University stands at an impressive 156,611, featuring the significant contribution of VU towards improvement of higher education in Pakistan.

In addition to four free-to-air satellite television channels, the Virtual University uses in-house developed IT systems for all its operations. In particular, IT based examination system of the University is designed to accommodate the diverse locations and schedules as per students’ convenience. To ensure the integrity of the examination process, a distinct exam paper is generated for each student, and every exam is overseen by university-appointed invigilators and monitored by CCTV cameras. Crafted by expert faculty and specialists in own digital recording studios, the university's educational content is delivered through an advanced interactive Learning Management System. With an affordable fee structure of $3 per credit hour for local students and $50 for overseas students, VU is committed to provide quality education locally & globally within the CODeL model.