Teaching & Learning Conference 2024

Conference Information

2024 International Teaching and Learning Conference

Charting New Frontiers and New Perspectives: Advancing Teaching, Learning and Student Support in Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL)


The International Teaching and Learning Conference is a groundbreaking event that convenes global experts, educators, and practitioners in the field of Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL). This conference is dedicated to exploring the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in teaching, learning, and student support within the ODeL framework.

Key Areas of Focus

This conference will delve into various critical areas, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the current state and future prospects of ODeL. The key areas of focus include:

  1. Teaching and Learning Philosophies in Higher Education in the Global South
    1. Exploration of virtual classroom dynamics
    2. Enhancing quality in learning and teaching
    3. Innovative teaching methodologies
  2. Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning
    1. Integration of 4IR technologies in education
    2. Developing digital literacies
    3. Utilizing analytics and big data
    4. Advancements in gamified learning and instructional design
  3. Curriculum Transformation in Higher Education in the Global South
    1. Incorporating indigenous knowledge systems
    2. Strategies for decoloniality and Africanisation
    3. Embracing multilingualism and engaged scholarship
    4. Aligning curriculum with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Student Support Strategies in Higher Education in the Global South
    1. Strategies for student success and retention
    2. Enhancing tutorial services and flipped classrooms
    3. Building effective teacher-student connections
    4. Identifying early warning signals of student failure
  5. Higher-Education Policy and Regulatory Environment
    1. Navigating higher-education policies
    2. Advocating for quality education
    3. Policy implications for inclusive practices
  6. Assessment Strategies in Higher Education in the Global South
    1. Innovative continuous and formative assessment strategies
    2. Ensuring academic integrity in online assessments
    3. Implementing authentic assessment approaches
  7. Inclusivity and Diversity in Higher Education in the Global South
    1. Supporting differently abled students
    2. Culturally responsive teaching
    3. Addressing the digital divide
  8. UN Sustainable Development Goals in Higher Education in the Global South
    1. Promoting lifelong learning and equity in education
    2. Addressing climate change and women empowerment through education
  9. Post Graduate Student Research
    1. This track is dedicated to post graduate students together with their supervisors to share and present their work in progress in their masters and doctoral dissertation and thesis.  

Conference Dates and Location

Dates: 6 – 10 May 2024

Conference Location: Kgorong Building, Unisa, 274 Preller St, Muckleneuk, Pretoria

Conference Mode

The conference will be held in a hybrid mode, accommodating both in-person attendance and online participation, ensuring a global reach and inclusive participation.

Conference Structure

  • Pre-conference Workshops & Ice Breaker (06 May 2024): An opportunity for in-depth learning and skills development in specialized areas related to ODeL.
  • Plenary Sessions: Featuring keynote addresses by invited speakers, offering insights into the latest developments and trends in ODeL.
  • Panel Discussions: Engaging debates and discussions on topical issues by experts in the field.
  • Breakaway Sessions: Focused sessions allowing for detailed exploration of specific themes and topics.
  • Poster Presentations: A platform for showcasing research and innovative practices in ODeL.
  • Networking Opportunities: Ice-breaker sessions and other opportunities for attendees to connect and collaborate.
  • Gala Dinner (9 May 2024): A formal event to celebrate the achievements and foster further collaborations in the field.

Participation and Engagement

The conference offers various avenues for participation, including presenting research, attending workshops, engaging in panel discussions, and networking with peers. It promises to be an enriching experience for all attendees, fostering collaboration, innovation, and advancement in the field of ODeL.