Science Art Walk

Preliminary Conditions

  • This project welcomes PROPOSALS from all artists, yet artists who do not have an affiliation with Unisa are requested to collaborate with either Unisa students, Unisa alumni or Unisa staff. Collaboration may be with art, engineering, sciences, computer technology, astronomy, robotics, or horticulture students/staff.
  • The steering committee can facilitate collaboration after the successful proposals have been identified, if required. The desired type of collaboration needs to be articulated. Unisa alumni, students or staff are encouraged to collaborate, yet may work solo as well.
  • All proposed works need to be produced using mainly recycled materials and using a method and materials that are weatherproof and durable. All works must be designed to last 25 years and longer. This includes pieces produced from weatherproof paint, resins, durable and repurposed plastic and rubber (that will not deteriorate with exposure to the elements), bronze, carved or machined wood, stone, welded and bolted structures using cor-ten steel or sculptures that are appropriately coated to prevent rapid corrosion, decay, etc. There are some designated areas that are semi enclosed and for those areas, less durable works may be considered.
  • All works must be compliant with current civil and structural engineering requirements with regard to design, production, installation, structure and stability. A civil engineer compliance report will be a requirement.
  • All works must be designed, produced and installed in compliance with Unisa’s health and safety policy and a public liability clause will apply to all works approved for production and installation.
  • A proposal template will be provided. This must be comprehensively completed and be accompanied by a CV.
  • A time schedule of studio visits will be required from each contributing artist and designer.
  • A contract will be signed.
  • The selection decision of the panel of adjudicators is final and not contestable.

Last modified: 2023/07/29