Science Art Walk


What is the Science Art Walk initiative about?

The Science Art Walk initiative is about the inclusion of permanent public outdoor art to visually appeal to the Unisa Science Campus in Florida, Johannesburg.

Where does the initiative reside?

The initiative resides in the Sustainability Office of Unisa. The university approved the Environmental Sustainability Policy in 2012 and adopted the Sustainability Framework in 2013.

Who can participate in the initiative?

Unisa staff, Art Department alumni and current Unisa students can to submit proposals to participate in the initiative. This will include entry-level artists as well as more established artists with affiliations to Unisa.

What kind of art works can be submitted?

The emphasis on outdoor public artworks that make use of recycled materials and that may potentially include inter-disciplinary collaborations. The artworks have to embody the sustainability principles of Reduce Reuse Recycle and the project will be opened in 2022 around World Environment day. The work forms part of a campus that involves higher education, science and technology. The art walk is a space where people with pause, reflect or take a break during work.

Which area/s on the Unisa Science Campus will be decorated?

The specific area on campus earmarked for this intervention includes three main buildings: the Calabash, NB Pityana and GJ Gerwel blocks. The buildings are adjacent to one another and separated by a walkway that leads to the engineering laboratories. The latter two buildings have been named after political and human rights activists who played important roles in the transformation of South Africa and the higher education sector in particular.

What are the submission dates?

The closing date for proposals is 23 August 2021. Submissions are closed.

How much time do I have to complete my artwork?

Shortlisted artists will be requested to submit a maquette by 1 November 2021. Work on the final sculpture will commence in mid-November 2021 and final installation will be during May 2022.

When will the actual installation take place?

During the first half of May 2022.

Can I participate in the initiative even if I am not a resident of South Africa?

Unisa art students, staff and alumni locally, nationally and globally can participate, but will have to carry the cost of travel / transporting their artwork to South Africa. Therefor consider scale and installation practicalities in your proposal.

What are the prizes?

Successful artists will be compensated for their artwork.

How many submissions can I make?

You can submit as many proposals as you wish, but no more than two per artist may be selected.

How much is the entry fee?

There is no entry fee.

Where can I enter to participate in the initiative?

You can enter by clicking here and submitting the completed proposal. Submissions are closed.

Will I have to submit a maquette?

Shortlisted artists will be requested to submit a maquette by 1 November 2021.

Who are the beneficiaries of the initiative?

All Unisa staff members based at the Unisa Science Campus, all Unisa students that access the Unisa Science Campus, all visitors to the Unisa Science Campus, the Unisa Art collection, donor organisations, established artists and emerging artists.

For general enquiries?

You can e-mail your enquiries to Nomi Mnotoza at

Last modified: 2023/07/29