MoodleMoot Africa 2023 hosted by Unisa

Mr Martin Dougiamas

Martin Dougiamas

Martin Dougiamas

Founder and CEO of the open-source Moodle software project

Martin Dougiamas is the founder and CEO of the open-source Moodle software project he started in 1999. The Moodle platform consists of a number of products, but the best-known is Moodle LMS, which allows educators in all sectors to create private educational spaces online, filled with tools for collaborative learning. Martin has a mixed academic background with multiple post-graduate degrees in Computer Science and Education, three honorary doctorates and is a member of multiple boards around the world.

He continues to focus on researching how open education technology can best support teaching and learning in open and human ways, with a keen interest in helping to produce a generation that can meet the UN’s sustainable development goals.  Martin is also on the board of Open Education Global and the founder of Open Edtech Association.