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Ethiopian doctoral graduates reflect on their study journeys

Dr Lina Gazu Mego

Unisa’s Ethiopia Regional Learning Centre (RLC), housed in the College of Graduate Studies (CGS), recently hosted its first experience-sharing programme for the year. The programme was organised for master’s and doctoral students based in Ethiopia. Graduates shared their experiences and how they dealt with challenges, stating that they had to work extremely hard to succeed in their studies. In addition, the event served as a motivation for many new and existing students at Unisa.

As the first speaker, Dr Lina Gazu Mego, advised students to prepare a realistic plan for their studies, especially concerning research proposals. She stated that students should avoid writing overambitious proposals, which will prove challenging to achieve. She further shared her views on balancing personal life, work and studies. Mego provided tips on acquiring funds, grants, and securing ethical clearance. She underlined the importance of discipline, setting realistic goals, following an action plan, and committing to the postgraduate journey.

Dr Eleni Admassu Mersha

The second speaker, Dr Eleni Admassu Mersha, presented her success attributes, underlining the support she got from her supervisor and the benefit of constant follow-ups. She also mentioned the support she got from the Ethiopia Regional Learning Centre staff, and the help of the university with a bursary opportunity. She inspired students by sharing her personal experiences and the challenges she faced during her studies. Her presentation motivated the students by encouraging them to read widely, and explore various electronic educational platforms. She further encouraged students to learn from one another.

Dr Messele Gebregziabher Kidanemariam

The third speaker, Dr Messele Gebregziabher Kidanemariam, shared the success factors needed for a doctoral journey. He mentioned the importance of self-motivation and the passion for one’s study, which includes readiness and the courage to push through challenges. He discussed extensively the general rudiments of research, including choosing a topic, setting objectives, developing the literature review, designing a research methodology, data collection, analysis and even challenges associated with publications of articles in journals by providing practical examples from his experience. He stated that building harmonious working relationships with supervisors is beneficial during the postgraduate journey. He concluded his presentation by advising students to be willing to sacrifice, and have a clear roadmap, purpose, decisiveness, and the ability to move forward.

Participants were actively engaged throughout the session, as they commented and asked questions about their postgraduate journeys.

*By Gelilawit Belay Mekonnen, Student Advisor, Ethiopia Regional Learning Centre

Publish date: 2022/06/10