Changes applicable to the January/February 2023 online examinations

Students are advised to take note of the changes applicable to the January/February 2023 online examinations. Aligned with tightening examination processes to ensure academic integrity, students will now be given 30 minutes to upload their answer scripts for their written examinations on the official myExams platform and have only one submission opportunity for multiple-choice question examinations.

In addition, listening to audio (music) and utilising audio-to-text software has been strictly prohibited during your examination session, unless use of the software is related to a student’s  assisted device which has been declared. Listening to music, utilising such software and/or failing to declare the software is a transgression of Unisa’s examination rules and the student's marks will be withheld

Students are advised to complete the Course: Basic Skills for Online Exams and complete the mock assessment Course: ADOVH001: Mock Exams in preparation of their online examinations.

Publish date: 2023/01/17