UNISA’s Centre for Life-long Learning

Short Learning Programme

A Short Learning Programme (SLP) is a short course that is intended to update or broaden the students’ skills and knowledge in a specific area. The SLPs focus on a “just enough” learning approach, which is designed to meet a specific learning need that you as a potential student might have or your unique employment situation demands from you at the time.

Short Learning Programmes do not automatically provide students any admission to formal qualifications. To register for a formal qualification, students must meet specified admission requirements of the qualification. In certain situations, students may apply for exemptions of completed SLP modules, which form part of a formal qualification according to the Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) processes and policies. Please ask for more details from the relevant department or college.

The SLPs are anchored in and developed from degree courses which process occurs through rigorous academic research. SLPs can best be described as introductory pragmatic non-degree, tuition programmes meant to develop skills and knowledge in a chosen subject field in a quick and effective manner covering fundamental key concepts of the mainstream course of study.