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Professor Charlotte du Toit

Name Charlotte du Toit
Highest qualification PhD in Econometrics (University of Pretoria, South Africa)
Position Professor
Contact details
Research interests/expertise Macroeconometric modelling; econometrics; economic forecasting, scenario and policy analysis; impact simulation and analysis; economic policy; urban and regional affairs
Teaching Simulation and Futuristic Studies
Current projects Developing scenario and forecasting simulators for research and training (formal and experiential)

Short biography

Charlotte du Toit is Professor in Simulation and Futuristic Studies at the TM-School (Unisa). In this capacity she also specialises in urban and regional development. Since July 2016, she has served as NED on the Board of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

During her career, Du Toit founded and acted as director and CEO of Plus Economics Advisory, an economic and econometric modelling solutions house specialising in forecasting, impact and scenario analysis, and learning. She served as Extraordinary Professor at Unisa, heading the Economic Modelling, Policy and Research Initiative for Af rica (Emporia) at the Bureau for Market
Research (BMR). Prior to this she was Professor in Economics at UP, and founder (2003) and Business Manager of the Unit for African Economic Modelling (Afrinem).

Du Toit has headed an econometric and economic analysis research team responsible for the execution of capacity-building and research projects on behalf of international institutions such as the UN, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the African Development Bank.

She has developed a suite of interactive tools to assist both practitioners and managers in effective and credible decision making. Her experience includes consultancies and capacitybuilding programmes for government, civil society and businesses in South Africa and the African region.

As a member of the UN's Project LINK programme, she has frequently contributed to the work of the consortium since 1993. She acted as special advisor to the former Minister of Social Development, Dr Zola Skweyiya, and continues to play a key role in guiding economic policy in South Africa.

A significant and novel achievement has been the development of a suite of economic/econometric models and indices as an integrated analytical framework for the analyses of infrastructure and impact investment projects relevant to all industries and applicable/scalable for different spatial configurations.

Selected publications