About the school

The Thabo Mbeki African School of Public and International Affairs (TM-School) is envisioned as a premier graduate school to advance public sector education in public and international affairs. The TMSchool seeks to be a magnet of excellence in education, experiential
learning, and research.

At the launch of the TM-School in September 2020, His Excellency Thabo Mbeki, Chancellor of Unisa, said that the purpose of education was to learn to question everything and that our aim in teaching should be to produce men and women who are both critical and creative. In this respect, he emphasised, "Our students should be encouraged to be thinkers and doers rather than accumulators of facts and receivers of knowledge. This must be so if they are to be instruments of change, working towards the realisation of a just and, consequently, a stable society".

The TM-School embraces transdisciplinary methodologies in the training of students.

The following are the focus areas of the TM-School:


The TM-School has, among others, the following objectives: