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College of Economic and Management Sciences

Community Engagement

CEMS view community engagement as an opportunity to enrich its research and tuition through the college’s involvement with the communities it serve. The purpose of community engagement is to ensure that the college’s core business, research and teaching, is relevant and that it makes a significant contribution to society and ultimately to social and economic upliftment. It is a two-way approach: the college engages communities with a view to assisting them which often provides opportunities to do more relevant (or problem-directed) research and information gathering that can be incorporated into and improve the curriculum.

Some of the projects the college is currently involved in are:

  • The Seshoge Foundation was founded by a group of CEMS lecturers who commit their time, money and effort to assisting gifted high school learners to become chartered accountants and auditors.
  • The “Yes I Can” project is an attempt to link positive psychology (including contructs such as happiness, creativity, resilience, humour, hope, etc)  to the challenges of mathematics training and the attitudes of learners towards mathematics as a school subject. While pupils benefitted from the use of the positive psychology models, positive psychology benefits from continued research to further explore and understand this subject field and its practical applications.

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