Unisan scoops 2017 NRF award

Diane Hildebrandt is the 2017 Champion of Research Capacity Development and Transformation at SA HEIs in honour of her contribution to the transformation of the country’s science community and landscape. Read more

Unisa women win at WiSA

Prof Azwihangwisi Mavhandu-Mudzusi is the 2017 Women in Science Awards Distinguished Woman Researcher in Humanities and Social Sciences, with Prof Venitha Pillay as runner up in the same category. Read more

When it comes to nuclear energy, knowledge is power

Unisa's Prof Jeanne Kriek says you have to have a good campaign to debate the pros and cons and influence people with facts rather than unsubstantiated assumptions. Read more

Innovation in water management

Prof Bhekie Mamba's win at the 2017 NSTF-South32 Awards has generated a great deal of media interest. Listen to his radio interviews with Radio 2000, Ikwekwezi FM, and SAfm. Read more

Unisa staff member appointed as one of three SARIMA VPs

In his new role, Ayanda Noma, Unisa’s Director of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Directorate, will lead the development of a strategy to grow the disciplines in the region. Read more

Drumroll! And the ‘Science Oscars’ go to…

Unisa’s Prof Diane Hildebrandt for capacity building in engineering and research and to Prof Bhekie Mamba for water research and innovation. Read more

Unisa stars to shine at ‘Science Oscars’

Felix Bankole, Diane Hildebrandt, Bhekie Mamba, and Lukas Snyman will be on the red carpet as finalists in the NSTF 2016/2017 NSTF Awards on Thursday. We wish them every success. Read more

Four straight A1s put David Glasser in a class of his own

This Unisa Professor Extraordinarius says science is all about the four Ps—passion, patience, perseverance, and persuasion. Read more

International finance and ubungoma

International finance and ubungoma, the ancient African healing tradition, are poles apart. Or are they? Read more

SA researchers pursue genocide answers in Auschwitz network of camps

Prof Anthony Court, a political theorist specialising in genocide studies at the Unisa, is one of them. Read more