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Multimedia is a broad field allowing for careers in animation, digital video editing, web design, graphic design, games, programming and self-employment opportunities in digital arts.

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Testimonial 2010-07-09:
Multimedia student JJ Clark

"Doing the Multimedia degree part-time was very challenging, but more than that, rewarding. One does need to be challenged to help unearth true potential and creative possibilities. What I admired the most about the department and it's lecturers was their ability to see and push to creative development the seemingly feeblest of ideas a student might have. And not just that, but also to identify and extract a beautiful and strong creativity from all students; weak or strong. They also keep readjusting the level of expectation inline with a student's capabilities; probing and developing them on far beyond they (the student) would have imagined.

The student learns that it is not only about the art and visual aspects, but also about delivering a message in a creative way; incorporating and investigating all possible avenues and disciplines and not only the obvious. Added to that, the students are made aware of the latest in art movements and trends and exposed and guided how to not merely follow these, but to keep reinventing themselves and their ideas with the inspiration drawn.

A final word is my appreciation for the effort the lecturer's take to help previous students in terms of exposure and opportunities at Art Fares, Exhibitions etc. after completion of the studies."