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Anthropology and Archaeology


Archaeology may be taken as a major subject by students who are studying for a general BA or BSc degree. Archaeology is also credited as a major or core subject in the learning programme BA with Specialisation in Environmental Management.

Undergraduate Studies


  • Bachelor Of Arts Honours In Archaeology (99406)
    (Please contact the archaeology division before registering.)

Master's and doctoral

The Master's and Doctoral curricula comprise a research dissertation (thesis) on an approved topic within the field of one of the following:


  • Master's: Degree Code: 98505; Research proposal code: MPCHS92; Dissertation code: DFARC95
  • Doctor's: Degree Code: 98506; Research proposal code: DPCHS02; Dissertation code: TFARC05

Please note that the archaeology module codes for honours will change from 2012:

  • AGE4801 (replaces HARCH1E)
  • AGE4802 (replaces HARCH2F)
  • AGE4803 (replaces HARCH3G)
  • AGE4804 (replaces HARCH4H)
  • AGE4805 (replaces HARCH5J)
  • AGE4806 (replaces HRAAR81)