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Private Law

Law of Sale and Lease (LPL4018)

This subject comprises three parts:

  • Law of sale
  • Law of lease
  • Statutory regulation of sale and lease on credit

The two specific types of contract are dealt with in detail. The applicable common-law principles as well as the statutory law and case law pertaining to these contracts are covered. The rules pertaining to the various rights and obligations of the respective parties, are discussed. Although the general principles of the law of contract form the basis of this subject, the specific rules pertaining to contracts of sale and lease are studied.

Sale and lease are two of the contracts which are very frequently concluded in commerce. This subject will therefore be of value to people involved in the drafting and conclusion of these two contracts. Examples of such people are lawyers, estate agents, property managers and entrepreneurs.

Lecturers: Prof Luanda Hawthorne, Prof Tomas Floyd and Mr Riaz Ismail