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Undergraduate & honours studies

Prescribed student fees (honours & 4th year)

Here are the prescribed fees for the various honours and 4th-year modules and degrees, together with the payment dates and minimum fees due by those dates. Fees for fourth-level modules will be charged the same as for honours level modules. Any legal fees that arise due to actions taken by Unisa to collect unpaid student fees will be for the account of the student.

Description Semester Total Minimum amount payable on registration Due by
15 March 2014
Due by
15 May 2014
Due by
15 Aug 2014
Subjects in Education; Law; Psychology; and Public Management and Services
Half module YEAR R915.00 R400.00   R257.00 R258.00
Module S1 R1 830.00 R800.00 R1,030.00    
S2 R1 830.00 R800.00     R1,030.00
YEAR R1 830.00 R800.00   R515.00 R515.00
Full-year module / Paper YEAR R3 660.00 R1 600.00   R1 030.00 R1 030.00
Full-year module /
Paper 36 credits
YEAR R5 490.00 R2 440.00   R1 525.00 R1 525.00
Subjects in Business, Economics and Management Studies; Communication, Journalism and Related Studies; Computer and Information Sciences; Languages, Linguistics and Literature; Philosophy, Religion and Theology; and Social Sciences
Half module YEAR R860.00 R400.00   R230.00 R230.00
Module S1 R1 720.00 R800.00 R920.00    
S2 R1 720.00 R800.00     R920.00
YEAR R1 720.00 R800.00   R460.00 R460.00
Full-year module / Paper YEAR R3 440.00 R1 600.00   R920.00 R920.00
Full-year module /
Paper 36 credits
YEAR R5 160.00 R2 440.00   R1 360.00 R1 360.00
Subjects in Architecture and the Built Environment; Engineering; Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences; and Mathematics and Statistics
Half module YEAR R 820.00 R400.00     R420.00
Module S1 R1 640.00 R800.00 R840.00    
S2 R1 640.00 R800.00     R840.00
YEAR R1 640.00 R800.00   R420.00 R420.00
Full-year module / Paper YEAR R3 280.00 R1 600.00   R840.00 R840.00
Full-year module /
Paper 36 credits
YEAR R4 920.00 R2 440.00   R1 240.00 R1 240.00
Subjects in Agriculture, Agricultural Operations and related Sciences; Visual and Performing Arts; Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences; Life Sciences; and Physical Sciences
Half module YEAR R 755.00 R400.00   R177.00 R178.00
Module S1 R1 510.00 R800.00 R710.00    
S2 R1 510.00 R800.00     R710.00
YEAR R1 510.00 R800.00   R355.00 R355.00
Full-year module / Paper YEAR R3 020.00 R1 600.00   R710.00 R710.00
Full-year module /
Paper 36 credits
YEAR R4 530.00 R2 440.00   R1 045.00 R1 045.00